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Our Floating Shelf Bracket is easily installed and concealed. With only needing to make a 2″ x 2″ hole in the sheetrock to install our bracket, it’s completely hidden behind a 2″ thick shelf; no patching or touch up required. There’s also no need to worry about your shelves sagging or falling off the wall, because these brackets have a weight rating of 150 lbs each. We recommend using a #10 x 2 1/4″ lag screw, which we provide with each bracket. For help installing your brackets, please refer to our “Install Instructions” page where you’ll find our videos and the written instructions that are included with your brackets. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.


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3 Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Concealed Floating Shelf Bracket

  1. Budd (verified owner)

    I bought two pairs of these floating shelf brackets to put up in my garage woodshop – and to try out for future installation in my house. They worked great!

    I am an intermediate level woodworker and had never built or installed floating shelves before, so I was a little nervous tackling this job. Following the instructions and DIY videos made it fairly easy. The hardest part of the entire process was finding the center of the studs. Because of that the openings I cut were a little larger than 2″ x 2″, but the shelves covered the openings and they are functioning well and looking good.

    I built two shelves using some 3/4″ textured melamine I purchased at Wurth Wood Group. I left a 1″ gap in between the top and bottom pieces to accommodate the brackets and cover the openings. I cut a 7/8″ x 1″ furring strip for each shelf to mount to the wall in-between the brackets, to attach the shelf to.

    I made sure to cut the top of each opening in the drywall level with each other. That made leveling everything very easy as I installed the brackets. The only concern I had was when I attached the bracket by first screwing in the top lag screw, the bracket was not level coming out from the wall – it was higher at the point that was away from the wall. This self-corrected when I screwed in the lower lag screw. Once it was put in, the bracket was level and solid.

    I then attached the furring strip to the wall, and made sure the top of the strip was level with the top of the brackets. I learned that I should have mounted the furring strip with the 7/8″ width out. I mounted the first one with the 1″ width out, and it took a little work to get the shelf over the strip, because there was a slight bow in the strip. On the second shelf I mounted the strip the right way and had no trouble at all.

    From start to finish, installing two shelves took me about 90 minutes. I used a multitool to cut the openings, and an impact wrench for the lag screws. I could have easily used a hand drywall saw for the openings and a socket wrench for the screws, but it would have added a few minutes to the job. Make sure you have a level.

    I am pleased with the way these shelves turned out, and now I will be buying more for some shelves inside the house.

  2. David Wiegand

    I have been doing custom mill work fabrication and Installation for 30 years this is the only bracket I will ever use again for floating shelves and cabinetry. I recently bought 15-20″ brackets for a custom job and they were a fast and easy install. I would highly recommend these brackets top notch!!

  3. Nathaniel

    By far the fastest, strongest and most easy way to install a floating shelf. This is the only bracket I’ll ever use for these shelves.

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