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I have installed custom cabinets for the last 25 years. In the last 10 to 15 years I have installed many Floating Vanities and Floating Shelves. In an attempt to attach these Floating cabinets & Shelves as securely as possible, I have tried several different ideas. I have tried  Metal Brackets that surface mount to the sheetrock wall. I have even cut the sheetrock out and installed long metal bars with metal rods welded to them, directly to the studs. Nothing has worked. Anything I have “surface mounted” has always had deflection at the front of the shelf. And any exposed front corner of a Floating Vanity has always sagged. I even tried “Flag” shaped metal brackets. These hold the weight just fine, but require a large hole in the wall, big enough for the bracket and my screw gun to attach to the side of the stud. This meant I had to pay someone to fix the hole in the wall, and repaint.
   Then I started using Stronghold Brackets. These hold the weight just fine, and do not require any wall repair or paint. The install takes only minutes, and doesn’t require any special tools.
  I am sold!! And will use these for all of my future projects.

We recently did a remodel project for my company and had custom cabinets as well as a desk space and cubbies built.  Within this project, they built a number of floating shelves as well as a floating vanity in the bathroom.  The quality and look of these pieces turned out fantastic!  They installed the floating shelves on wood studs and the flat brackets on the cement walls within the building.  I was a bit nervous about the weight of the items that we wanted to sit on these shelves, but Stronghold Brackets did a phenomenal job in providing quality pieces to be able to take a large load of weight.

I am extremely appreciative of how easy it is to work with the team at Stronghold and what great quality they consistently produce.  I will continue to use Stronghold Brackets for referrals and for my own projects in the future as much as possible.

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